Between Be—Square general partnership, having its registered office at 421/13, Bergensesteenweg, 1600 Sint—Pieters-Leeuw (hereinafter the "Service Provider"):

And any natural or legal person who has registered in order to benefit from the services provided by the coworking spaces of the Provider (hereinafter the ’SAffiliate"), the Provider and the Afilliate will be collectively referred to as the "Parties". It was stated and agreed as follows.

General provisions

These general conditions determine a precise and complete legal framework which applies to the service contract by which the Affiliate benefits from all the services detailed in Article 3 of these general conditions. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time by publishing a new version on the site The applicable general conditions are those in force on the date of signature by the Affiliate of the Service Contract. The general conditions are also available on the site. The Service Provider also ensures that acceptance of the conditions is clear and unreserved by signing them by the Affiliate concurrently with the signing of the Service Contract between the Provider and the Afiiliate The Affiliate acknowledges having read all of these conditions prior to joining and having accepted them without restriction or reservation. The Affiliate acknowledges that he has received the necessary advice and information to ensure that the offer offered by the Service Provider meets his needs.

Article 1: Purpose of the contract

The purpose of the service contract subject to the general conditions will be to allow the Affiliate to benefit from the services offered by BeSquare in its coworking spaces:

  • participation in events organized by Be-Square
  • provision of a coworking space equipped according to the terms
  • provision of a common meeting room according to the terms set by the subscription chosen by the Affiliate
  • provision of common areas (corridors, toilets, lift, etc.)
  • provision of common office equipment (printers, photocopiers, etc.)
  • provision of an lCT infrastructure (internet access by wifi or cable, etc.)
  • regular cleaning of offices and common areas, general maintenance of the site and its equipment
  • presence of reception staff
  • other reception services such as the daily management of mail by the staff of the coworking space
  • Depending on the specificity of its conditions, the Afiiliate may, where appropriate, benefit from additional services or even a private space.

It is expressly specified that the provision of one or more offices constitutes only the accessory part of the Service ContractThis contract can therefore never be considered as a commercial lease, office lease, or any other type of lease, whether or not it enjoys the protection of specific legislation.

Article 2: Provision of additional services

The Afiiliate may benefit from optional additional services. The Afi‘iliate may benefit from optional additional services. These additional services will be invoiced in addition to the subscription, increased by VAT and payable according to the general payment conditions set out below.

Article 3: Subscription price and payment terms

The Affiliate will have to pay the full amount of one quarter of the chosen subscription and any other amounts due before having access to the facilities. The fee is calculated per quarter and must be paid in advance at the latest on the last day of the due date mentioned on the invoice. The Afi‘iliate does not have the option of waiving some of the services provided above for a price reductionThis fixed price includes all charges, taxes and duties relating to the coworking building and the goods that equip it (insurance, property tax, etc. ). It also includes conventional charges (water, electricity and heating), it being understood that the respective meters are open, with the distribution companies, on behalf of the coworking itself.

Be—Square further reserves the right to modify the costs of its services at any time by notifying the Afi‘iliate in writing with one month '5 notice. In the event of late payment, the affiliate will be liable as of right and without prior notice of an irreducible penalty clause of 15% on the amounts due. In the event of late payment, the affiliate will be liable as of right and without prior notice of an irreducible penalty clause of 15% on the amounts due.

Finally, any invoice remaining unpaid despite the Be-Square recall procedure to the Afiiliate may result in the suspension of services until full payment of the open invoices, without this being considered by the Affiliate as a termination of contract.

Article 4: Assignment prohibited

This contract is concluded by Be—Square with the Affiliate and may under no circumstances be transferred, whether total or partial, for consideration or free of charge.

Article 5: Duration of the contract

This contract is concluded for an indefinite period. It may be terminated at any time in accordance with Article 9 of these general conditions. The duration of the service contract may in no case exceed the common law rental lease (main lease) between "ATA BUSINESS PARK " and "BE-SQUARE", signed on 01/08/2019.

Article 6: Rights and obligations of the Afliliate

During the execution of this contract, the Affiliate will have the option of using the Be-Square coworking address on their commercial documentsThe use of the name Be-Square is, for its part, strictly prohibited. The Afi‘iliate retains full responsibility for its debts, charges, taxes, fees relating to its commercial activity. The Affiliate agrees to use with due care the goods made available under this contract and not to adopt the following behaviors in the premises of Be-Square or its immediate environment:
  • introduce or store in the premises explosives, flammable products and other unhealthy, noisy, smelly or illegal materials or objects
  • throw or get rid of old paper, waste or other products in areas other than those designated for this purpose by Be- Square
  • introduce animals inside the premises
  • smoke in the premises and elsewhere in the building
  • use fire apparatus in the premises
  • place, install or display objects in common areas, including signs, advertisements, billboards, tables or posters without the agreement of Be—Square
  • damage the premises made available - any breach and / or deterioration will be immediately invoiced 0 use photographs of the spaces without the written consent of Be—Square
The Affiliate shall refrain, during the period of execution of the contract, as well as for a period of 12 months after the end of the contract, from engaging Be-Square staff, in any capacity whatsoever/n the event of violation of this clause, the Afiiliate will be required to pay a lump sum equal to the gross annual salary of the person debauched at the time of his departure The Afiiliate undertakes to inform Be-Square, within 15 days by registered letter, of any bankruptcy, judicial reorganization or judicial liquidation proceedings to which he would be subject and, in the event that the affiliate uses the address of Be-Square as its registered office, the latter must inform Be-Square at the time of drafting the service contract and send the ofiicial publication of this decision to the Belgian Official Gazette if the Affiliate has not chosen the service described by Be-Square. The price of the modification as well as the price of the publication in the Moniteur can also be found at reception. Any modification, transformation or degradation to said facilities (including furniture) will generate repair costs which will be billed back to the Affiliate. Dress code is required in all circumstances an the Be-Square site/n addition, under national and European anti- money laundering legislation, Be-Square is required to identify its Afl‘iliates and their economic beneficiaries. Consequently, Be-Square reserves the right to request and keep any information necessary for this purpose. The Affiliate undertakes to provide Be—Square with the information requested and to inform it, in good time, of any change concerning this information. Falling for the Affiliate to respond satisfactorily and within a reasonable time to Be-Square's requests, this agreement refers the subject of a resolution to the exclusive wrongs of the Afliliate. The Affiliate may not oppose the sending by Be—Square of information periodically relating to the adaptation of these general conditions or to any other measure relating to safety and daily life in the Be—Square coworking.

Article 7: Responsibility of Be-Sguare

Be-Square cannot be held responsible, whatever the cause, for any inconvenience, damage, deterioration, accidental interruptions, etc., which may occur to the building, to the water, electricity and heating installations, etc., during the performance of the contract, unless it is established that, having been informed, he did not take adequate measures as soon as possible to attempt to remedy it. Be-Square can in no way be held responsible for disturbances caused by third parties. Be-Square can in no way be held responsible, vis-a-vis its Affiliates, in the event of expropriation of the building and will not be liable for any compensation.

Article 8: Information on official documents

At the end of the contract, the Affiliate undertakes to remove any reference to the Be-Square center from its official documents. Failing for him to do so within 15 working days after the end of the quarter started and paid. Be—Square reserves all rights, including the right to notify the competent services of the Public Prosecutor's Office as well as the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises.

Article 9: End of the Contract

The service contract can be terminated by the Affiliate and / or Be-Square at any time by means of a termination letter sent by email to with acknowledgment of reading 60 days in advance, and before the end of the current quarter. Bankruptcy, liquidation or the request for judicial reorganization of the Affiliate will result in the immediate termination of the service contract, the Affiliate remaining however liable for the amount of the current quarter. Any culpable breach of the contract by the Affiliate, such as for example the non-payment of the amount of, will allow Be-Square to terminate the contract, without having to seek the prior authorization of a court, without notice or compensation vis- to the Affiliate and the Affiliate will owe him the full amount for the current quarter/n all cases, all of the sums owed by the Afiiliate to Be—Square under this contract remain definitively vested in Be—SquareBe —$quare reserves the right to claim the sums due directly from the administrator who is a joint surety.

Article 10: In the event a a baili visit

Be-Square will be entitled to claim from the Affiliate the fixed and irreducible sum of € 150.00 (one hundred and fifty-euros) per visit and € 300.00 (three-hundred-euros) for any attempted seizure, door opening,... In addition, the costs and other damages related to the visit of a bailiff are and will remain the responsibility of the Afiiliate.

Article 11: Partial invalidity

The invalidity of one or more of the provisions of this service contract is not possible. By signing the service contract, the Afl‘iliate accepts its entirety.

Article 12: Applicable law and dispute

This contract is governed by Belgian law. This contract has been translated into both English and Dutch, but in the event of a dispute, the French version will prevail over the other two. The Parties hereby agree to submit, in the first instance, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the place of the Be—Square center.